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    What is Fine Pixel Pitch?

    Fine/ Small/ Narrow pixel pitch (NPP) is a LED display with pixel pitch less than 2.5mm, mainly including P2.5, P2.0, P1.8, P1.5 and other smaller pixel pitch.

    (Add: Pixel pitch is the distance from the center of one pixel to the center of adjacent pixel in LED display, unit is mm. The smaller the pixel pitch,the shorter the viewing distance and the higher the resolution. And it also means when viewing the same size display at a certain distance, the smaller the pixel pitch, the clearer the picture)

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    What's Flip-Chip?

    The name 鈥淔lip-chip鈥 describes the method used to connect a semiconductor die to a substrate, which contrasts with conventional wire-bonding and ball-grid-array packaging.


    In a Flip-chip package the dies are bumped and then 鈥渇lipped鈥 onto a substrate, hence the name 鈥淔lip-chip鈥, while conventional chip is composed of P -GaN, an active layer, N-GaN and Sapphire substrate from top to bottom.


    Advantages of Flip-chip Packaging includes at least:

     1) Enabling much smaller chip and thus micro-led display; 

     2) Dissipating heat more efficiently and expanding the screen鈥檚 lifetime;

     3) Efficient heat dissipation and great energy saving;

     4) Largely improved stability under high brightness.

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    What is COB?

    COB is the abbreviation of Chip On Board, is a packaging method to package multiple LED chips directly on the metal-based printed circuit board.

    In other words, the structure of COB package is that the original, bare chips or electronic components are directly soldered to the circuit board and covered with epoxy resin.

    The difference between COB package and SMD package is that COB鈥檚 lamp chip does not need bracket connection, directly combined with the PCB board, there is no reflow link, reducing costs.

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    What is the difference between COB & GOB?

    Flipchip COB (Chip on Board) is the process of pasting the bare chip directly on the PCB board, then bonding the leads, and then using organic glue to cover the chip and the leads.

    GOB (Glue on Board) is the technology of encapsulating the chip in the LED first, then soldering it on the PCB board, and finally using the epoxy resin with super high transparency and super thermal conductivity to do the integrated gluing.

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