GUARD Series

  • High Stability

  • High Load

LP Display GUARD Series is one ultra high-definition product self-developed for the market of fine-pitch LED display, and integrates with leading 5G function, mainly used for display applications in various control fields such as security monitoring, command and dispatch, video conferencing, broadcasting and so on.


Pixel Pitch: P0.9/P1.2/P1.5/P1.8/P2.5

Panel Dimension: 600mm*337.5mm*45mm

COB Board Dimension: 150mm*168.75mm

GUARD Series


With 5G Large Load: 63Q series adopts leading 5G transmission control technology in the field, is for products with finer pitch, and is with larger load number for single port and smaller quantity of wires.
Easy to Maintain: the quantity of wires is reduced by more than 5 times, to make the installation and maintenance easier.
Dual Backup: support dual backup of power supply and signal.
High Compatibility: available for products with different pitches, supporting SMD, COB, GOB, MIP tech to facilitate product updates and to make product鈥檚 value higher.
With Good Heat Dissipation: eight-channel uniform heat dissipation is adopted to ensure the uniformity of heat dissipation. At the same time, contact heat dissipation is adopted for devices sensitive to high temperature so as to improve thermal conductivity.

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