Poster Series

  • Multiple Splicing Combination

  • Free Movement And Easy Installation


Model: BSU63M 1.25mm,1.5625mm,1.875mm,2.5mm,3.75mm

Cabinet size:600*1687.5mm

Poster Series


Brightness: There are 2 versions to choose from: highlight version and normal version. The highlight version uses the most advanced technology in the industry, which can make the brightness reach 6000cd/銕;
Plug and play, independent playback;
The built-in WIFI module can remotely monitor the status of the advertising machine in real time and perform cluster management on the advertising machine;
It can realize the splicing and combination of multiple sets to form a large screen, which can meet the needs of small business activities in stores or shopping malls;
Ultra-thin: 28mm thickness.

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