LX Series

  • High Refresh Rate

  • Wide Color Gamut

The LX Series is the ideal choice for upscale stage rentals. It is extremely versatile and suitable for various events such as stage shows, press conferences, and exhibitions.


Cabinet size: 500*500mm

Refresh Rate: 鈮3840Hz

Brightness: 600~800nits (outdoor 4500nits)

Gray Scale: 14~16bit

LX Series


Dual Backup: Dual backup support for power and signal, ensuring protection in case of disruptions or failures. This adds an extra layer of security and reliability.
Low Scan: The screen reacts super fast with hardly any delay, giving you a super smooth synchronized display. This means you get a seamless connection for images and top-notch playback for live
broadcasts, events, and more.
High Refresh Rate: Featuring a 3840Hz refresh rate, it ensures top-quality display performance, leading to smoother pictures and clearer details, while minimizing motion blur for an immersive viewing experience.
Wide Color Gamut: Special display technology offers a wide color gamut to reveal subtle differences in real-world colors, resulting in picture colors that closely resemble those seen by the human eye.

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