Flex Series

  • Compatible Panels

  • Smooth Curve

Flex Series is for fine pitch LED display market research and development of an ultra-high-definition products, mainly used for: security monitoring, command and control scheduling, video conferencing, radio and television broadcasting and other control field display applications.


Pixel Pitch: P1.2/P1.5/P1.8/P2.5

Panel Dimension: 300mm*675mm*58mm

Pixel Configuration: COB/SMD/MIP

Flex Series


Cabinet Mixing: Support regular cabinet, curved cabinet, diagonal cut cabinet integrated mixing.
Compatible Panels: Compatible with a variety of panels SMD, MIP, and COB, Flex Series has greater product value.
Smooth Curve: CNC mechanical bending box with semi-soft PCB, excellent performance in curved projects, smooth transition, no obvious creases and splices.
Dual Backup: It supports dual backup of power and signal, and 5G communication.
Easy Maintenance: Complete front maintenance, hot plugging and unplugging with electricity, overall hard connection.

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