Navigator Series

  • 21:9 Ultra-Wide Ratio

  • Big COB Module

The Navigator Series is an exceptional ultrahigh-definition product specifically designed for the demanding display market. It excels in various control field applications such as security monitoring, command centers, conference rooms, esports, and broadcasting, offering unparalleled visual performance.


Navigator Series

Pixel Pitch: P1.2/P1.5/P1.9/P2.5

Panel Dimension: 800mm*337.5mm*38mm

Module Size: 200mm*337.5mm

Navigator Series


21:9 Ultra-Wide Ratio: With its unique 21:9 design, it is perfectly suited for esports and ultra-wide screen conference system.
Big COB Module: As a COB upgrade product, the module size of the Navigator Series is 200x 337.5mm, while the module size of other companies' COB products is 150x168.75mm. This enables the Navigator Series to achieve faster splicing and better display effects.
Full Flip Chip+Common Cathode: Energy-efficient with low power consumption, high refresh rate, HDR for high dynamic picture display, and 16-bit high gray for low brightness.
Less Splicing Lines: Support full front maintenance, featuring hot-plug modules and cable-free connection. This design saves time and labor, thereby making users handle the LED screen with ease.
Dual Backup: In the event of a failure of the main receiving card or power supply, the backup system will automatically switch over to ensure that the display is not interrupted, providing stronger stability and reliability for the large-screen display.

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