Transformer Series

  • Installation Free

  • Fully Mobile

Transformer Series, an all-in-one LED display featuring automatic opening and closing, is engineered for a highly flexible and demanding market. It's ideally suited for a variety of applications including pop-up command centers, rental, hybrid meeting rooms, education, home theaters, events, road shows, and any other settings requiring a versatile, portable, and easy-to-install display solution.


Transformer Series

110" 2K / 130" 2K(4K) / 136" 2K(4K)

Pixel Configuration: COB (SMD / MIP Optional)

Brightness(cd/m虏): 1000

Transformer Series


1 Multiple casting methods, including AP casting, LAN casting, HDMI direct connection casting.
2 Energy Saving: Full flip chip COB display panel adopts the common cathode circuit design, achieving energy savinq, low power consumption, high refresh rate, HDR high dynamic image display, 16-bit high gray scale and low brightness.
3 Rental: High protection metal shell, equipped with universal mobile wheels.
4 Dual System: Android and Windows dual control system, customized installation of applications.
5 Non-Removal: Mechanical telescopic structure, ready to use once powered on, eliminating the need for installation and disassembly.

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