MEGA Series

  • Dual Redundancy

  • Easy Maintenance

LP Display MEGA Series is a self-developed ultra-high-definition product targeting the fine-pitch LED display market. It is mainly used in various control fields such as security monitoring, command dispatch, video conferencing, and broadcasting for high-quality display applications.


Pixel Pitch: P0.6/P0.7/P0.9/P1.2/P1.5/P1.8/P2.5/P3.1/P3.7

Panel Dimension: 1200mm*675mm*28mm

COB Board Dimension: 300mm*168.75mm

MEGA Series


HDMI: Support HDMI signal source to be connected to the screen without the need for an intermediate processor, making it more flexible and convenient.
Low Power Consumption: Common cathode circuit design, achieving energy-saving and low power consumption, high refresh rate, HDR high dynamic image display, 16-bit high grayscale and low brightness.
High Protection: Flip Chip COB integrated packaging, with high protection, reliability, and environmental adaptability.
Standard Size: The 54-inch standard panel can directly replace the LCD screen.
High Compatibility: This product supports products with different pixel pitch and also supports multiple packaging technologies such as SMD, COB, IMD, and MIP. This makes it convenient for product updates and iterations, resulting in higher product value.

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