Ark Series

  • 16:9 Visual Proportion

  • Fast Installation And Maintenance

LP Display Ark Series provides LED screen rental service, supplying high-resolution gob LED displays for LED video wall rental. Convenient operation and maintenance.


Model: BSU63F 0.9375mm,1.25mm,1.5625mm,1.875mm,2.5mm,3.75mm

Cabinet size:600*337.5mm

Support:Hanging/Standing/Stacking installation,Flat/concave & convex shape 

Ark Series


Unique COB technology gob LED display with common cathode
3680- 7680hz higher refresh rate
1000-5000nits higher brightness
More than 10000:1 high contrast
16:9 visual proportion LED rental screen
Rental LED video wall with super flatness
Full front and back access, flexible installation & maintenance
Ultra-low temperature resistant material technology supporting even minus 20 degrees


LED Video Wall Rental Splicing

LED rental screen has a perfect 16:9 display ratio, which can splice this LED display into FHD/4K/8K standard resolution.


Common cathode TOPCOB technology, 

with higher brightness and better heat dissipation.

High contrast and high refresh rate with performance.


Unique TOPCOB technology. 

The ultra-low temperature-resistant material technology can apply the GOB LED display to minus 20 degrees, which solves the problem of using it in a low-temperature environment.


Flexible Installation Options

Due to its stacking, hanging ,standing and inner curved installation options,

 the LED panels offer flexible solutions for both rental and fixed installation applications. 


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