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Eva-Pad: Elevating Flexibility and Ease in Displays.

 Eva-Pad: Elevating Flexibility and Ease in Displays. 

 Seamless Remote Control & External Video Source Support - Step into a world of convenience with Eva-Pad's advanced remote-control capabilities. Connect to external video sources effortlessly, allowing you to manage your display from anywhere with ease. Whether it's for presentations, entertainment, or digital signage, Eva-Pad brings flexibility and control right to your fingertips.


Innovative Mobile Frame Design for Ultimate Flexibility - Say goodbye to stationary displays! Our mobile frame design, equipped with omnidirectional wheels, offers unparalleled ease of movement. Effortlessly transport Eva-Pad within any indoor setting, making it perfect for dynamic environments like trade shows, galleries, and corporate spaces.


 Experience the versatility and ease of Eva-Pad and take your display experiences to the next level. Ideal for businesses and creative spaces seeking flexibility and control.


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