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Creating a Seamless Journey: How LP DISPLAY Flip Chip COB LED Screens Streamline Airport Operations

Super-thin indoor flip chip cob LED display screens from the LP DISPLAY Black Elves Series are easy to install and consume little power. To provide greater reliability, this series of indoor LED displays uses chip-on-board and flip-chip technologies. LED screens are the perfect option for airports. 


Two optional versions to accommodate various indoor LED display requirements.


1. Indoor LED Display Screen of Small Size

Pixel Pitch: P0.6/P0.7/P1.0/P1.2/P1.5

Panel Dimension: 480mmX270mm

COB Board Dimension: 120mmX135mm

2. Indoor LED Display Screen of Big Size

Pixel Pitch: P0.7/P0.9/P1.2/P1.5

Panel Dimension: 600mmX337.5mm

COB Board Dimension: 150mmX168.75mm


Black Elves Series has a perfect 16:9 display ratio, which can splice this indoor LED display into FHD/4K/8K standard resolution, with a thickness of only 28mm and a weight of only 3.16KG can effectively reduce the footprint of the device and bring an ample visual experience to the indoor space. Additionally, it was ultra-low power consumption and temperature rise, can effectively save energy, and dissipate heat through the flip-chip LED plus common cathode drive.         


LP DISPLAY flip chip cob LED screens are becoming increasingly popular in airports as they offer a versatile and engaging experience for travelers.


Here are some of the ways that LP DISPLAY flip chip cob LED screens can enhance the airport experience:


1. Provide real-time flight information: flip chip Cob LED screens can display live and up-to-date flight information, so travelers can easily keep track of their flights.


2. Enhance wayfinding: flip chip Cob LED screens can be used to help travelers navigate their way around the airport. Clear and concise wayfinding information can help reduce stress and make the travel experience more enjoyable.


3. Create a more entertaining environment: flip chip Cob LED screens can be used to show advertising, promotional videos, or even live entertainment. This can help create a more enjoyable environment for travelers while they wait for their flights.


4. Improve customer service: flip chip Cob LED screens can be used to provide customer service information, such as airline contact numbers or lost and found locations. This can help improve the overall customer service experience at the airport.



LP DISPLAY Flip Chip COB LED screens have revolutionized the way airports display information and provide entertainment. They are a fantastic alternative for any airport trying to keep patrons informed and engaged while they wait because of their high-definition displays, broad viewing angles, and sturdy construction. They can also be quickly updated with fresh information or reprogrammed to accommodate changing demands as they materialize. LP DISPLAY Flip Chip COB LED screens provide an all-around adaptable solution that will undoubtedly make your airport stand out from the crowd.

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