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Why We Choose LP DISPLAY As A LED Display Screen Manufacturer

As a top LED display screen manufacturer, LP DISPLAY was established in 2012 and has 10 years of experience. Covered over 120+ countries and regions, and have 270+ skilled workers. LP DISPLAY provides the office building hall in Wuhan, China using Micro COB and a total of 75 m虏, which was highly esteemed.


LP DISPLAY's production facility's goal is to keep all LP DISPLAY products well-designed and quality-assured.


The most skilled LED display screen manufacturer, LP DISPLAY Factory, has numerous multifunctional production lines, including two surface mount lines, two artificial intelligence automated lines, two machine assembly lines, an inspection line, and a line for optical testing equipment. We also possess an ultrasonic cleaning machine, an aging workshop, and different cutting-edge technologies to evaluate and measure, to offer the best LED display solutions to partners. These tools are used to ensure the production quality and inspection of LP digital display board products.


To fulfill various application needs, LP DISPLAY offers a variety of LED displays in bulk, including digital display boards for COB, Fixed Installation, xR, Creative Fine Pixel, and All in One. LP DISPLAY also offers a rental service for LED displays. As a manufacturer of specialist LED screens, LP DISPLAY is committed to providing our business partners with digital display board products and services that are affordable, secure, and long-lasting in the areas of high-definition LED fine pixel pitch, MINI-LED, MICRO-LED, and TOP COB display technology.


As for COB, LP DISPLAY COB LED display series adopting advanced full flip-chip common-cathode COB technology, is a high brightness, high contrast but low power consumption indoor LED screen device. Featuring a thin and light design, the COB LED display perfectly fits indoor LED screen application needs.


About fixed installation, LP DISPLAY Magic Cube Pro (FC) Series is a direct view fixed installation LED video wall featuring flip-chip technology. Common cathode & flip-chip design make it an energy-saving and lower consumption fine pitch LED display. It鈥檚 an excellent direct-view LED video wall wholesale product.


XR's MX-D series features a lightweight die-cast aluminum cabinet with good DCI-P3 color gamut coverage and a 165掳 viewing angle. The fixed installation greatly reduces the cost of the installation structure while ensuring the video effect on the camera. The series supports P1.2, P1.5, P1.8, and P2.5 pixel pitch, the MX-D series is a great choice for xR and film studios!



To meet a variety of application needs, LP DISPLAY, a trusted led display screen manufacturer, offers top-tier LED digital display boards and solutions for monitoring, studio, conference terminal, advertising, public transportation, and virtual production.

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