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Unleash Visual Brilliance with LP Display's Fine Pixel Pitch Rental Screens

LP Display's fine pixel pitch rental screens redefine visual excellence, empowering you to create immersive and captivating displays. With a perfect 16:9 display ratio and the ability to splice into FHD/4K/8K standard resolutions, these screens deliver stunning image quality, making every detail come to life. Let's delve into the powerful features of LP Display's fine pixel pitch rental screens that ensure outstanding performance for both rental and fixed installation applications.


Cutting-Edge Technology for Superior Brightness and Heat Dissipation

LP Display's fine pixel pitch rental screens employ Common Cathode TOPCOB technology, resulting in higher brightness levels and exceptional heat dissipation. This innovative technology ensures that your content shines brightly even in high ambient light environments, delivering vibrant and vivid visuals that capture attention. Additionally, the efficient heat dissipation capabilities of LP Display's screens contribute to their long lifespan and reliable performance, making them a wise investment for any visual display project.


Versatility and Reliability in Any Environment

Designed to perform in various demanding conditions, LP Display's fine pixel pitch rental screens boast several key features that enhance their versatility and reliability. These screens utilize ultra-low temperature-resistant material technology, allowing them to function flawlessly even in freezing conditions as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius. Whether it's an outdoor event during winter or a cold storage facility, the GOB LED display technology employed by LP Display guarantees optimal performance in extreme temperatures.

Furthermore, LP Display's fine pixel pitch rental screens offer multiple installation options, including stacking, hanging, standing, and inner curved installations. This flexibility enables you to adapt the screens to any environment, ensuring seamless integration into your desired setup. Whether you require dynamic visuals at a live concert, corporate event, or fixed installation in a retail setting, LP Display's screens provide a reliable and adaptable solution that meets your specific needs.



LP Display's fine pixel pitch rental screens are the epitome of visual brilliance, offering exceptional image quality, impressive brightness, and efficient heat dissipation. The incorporation of advanced technologies ensures reliable performance, even in challenging environments with low temperatures. With their versatile installation options, these screens cater to various rental and fixed installation applications, providing flexible solutions for your visual display requirements. Choose LP Display's fine pixel pitch rental screens to elevate your visual experiences and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Experience the unmatched quality and innovation offered by LP Display's fine pixel pitch rental screens and unlock new levels of visual brilliance for your next project.

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