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Elevate Your Visual Experience with LP Display's Flip Chip COB LED Display

LP Display is thrilled to introduce its groundbreaking Flip Chip COB LED display series, which incorporates cutting-edge full flip chip common-cathode (FCC) technology. This series stands out in the market due to its exceptional features such as high brightness, high contrast ratio, and low power consumption. Its sleek and lightweight design makes it a perfect fit for indoor LED screen applications, making it an ideal choice for LED video wall panels. Explore how LP Display's Flip Chip COB LED display elevates your visual experience.


Unleashing Brilliance with Advanced Full Flip Chip Technology

LP Display's Flip Chip COB LED display utilizes advanced full flip-chip common-cathode technology that pushes the boundaries of visual brilliance. Each LED diode is directly connected through the flip-chip bonding method, ensuring superior electrical conductivity and thermal performance. This innovative technology eliminates wire bonds, enhancing the overall reliability and lifespan of the display.

The advantages of full flip chip technology are significant. It enables better heat dissipation, improved light extraction efficiency, and enhanced electrical signal transfer, resulting in a more uniform and stable display performance. LP Display's Flip Chip COB LED display excels in delivering vibrant and lifelike visuals, providing viewers with a truly captivating experience.


Immerse in Stunning Visuals with High Brightness and Contrast Ratio

LP Display's Flip Chip COB LED display boasts outstanding brightness, allowing your content to shine even in well-lit environments. With its high brightness capability, this display series ensures optimum visibility, captivating audiences in various indoor settings. Whether it's a corporate event, retail space, or entertainment venue, LP Display's Flip Chip COB LED display delivers stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Experience impeccable image quality with the high contrast ratio of LP Display's Flip Chip COB LED display. The deep blacks and vivid colors create a stark contrast, bringing your content to life with unparalleled clarity and depth. From subtle gradients in images to intricate details in videos, every nuance is faithfully reproduced, enhancing immersion and audience engagement.

The thin and light design of LP Display's Flip Chip COB LED display adds versatility to its applications. It blends seamlessly into any indoor environment, whether it's creating an immersive digital signage display, enhancing architectural spaces, or transforming command and control centers. The lightweight construction simplifies installation and provides flexibility for various mounting configurations.



LP Display's COB LED display series featuring flip-chip technology offers a remarkable solution for indoor LED screen applications. With its sleek design, immersive visuals, and outstanding performance in terms of brightness, contrast, and power efficiency, this series proves to be a game-changer in the display industry.

Whether it's for corporate presentations, retail advertisements, or immersive visual experiences in entertainment venues, LP Display's COB LED display series delivers unparalleled quality and innovation. Experience the future of LED displays with LP Display and witness the transformative power of their flip-chip COB LED technology. Trust LP Display to exceed your expectations and elevate your visual communication to new heights.

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