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All You Need To Know About GOB LED display

GOB is used as the glue on the board to produce an LED display that is very well protected. This is a developing method that is very similar to the module packing strategy that was used in the past. To achieve this particular look, transparent glue is applied to the display module's whole surface. For example, a plastic protective coating was produced on the surface of the display screen after the adhesive was used to cover thousands of SMD lights. In the end, glue was used to cover the surface of the display screen.


It includes a highly protective LED display that is anti-collision, dustproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, and UV-proof, and it will not restrict heat dissipation or brightness loss in any way. Other protections include protection against moisture and UV rays. Other protective aspects include: After a lengthy period of rigorous testing, the protective layer even contributes to heat dissipation, which helps increase the component's service life. This is one of the ways that the component is protected.


GOB technology has been a major contributor to the expansion and development of full LED displays. In addition to being used for rental screens, the GOB LED display is often used for fine-pitch LED displays. Additionally, it has a great protective influence on led displays used outside.


The advantages of making use of GOB


The traditional LED technology has many of the same characteristics as its replacement, including excellent color consistency, high contrast, broad viewing angles, and superior power efficiency. Selecting COB as the material of choice is the most important thing that must be done to provide outstanding protective performance, such as anti-collision, moisture-proof, and dustproof, amongst other things. In a word, getting protection on the level of individual pixels is feasible with the help of this Nanoshi-led coating technology due to its greater environmental adaptability.


LP Display's core areas of competence include display technologies such as high-definition LED fine pixel pitch, MINI LED, MICRO LED, and TOPCOB. The organization's core objective is to provide goods and services to customers that are reliable, risk-free, and competitively priced. LP Display is a company that consistently emphasizes continuous innovation centered on its customers' requirements. Additionally, LP Display raises its investment in R&D, accumulates and develops, and encourages the industry's progression.

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