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Apply Fine-Pitch LED Video Walls In Conference Room

As a result of current technical developments, led display panels are always being enhanced. For example, the freshly introduced fine-pitch LED video walls have a much-reduced dot pitch and superior clarity. LED screens with a narrow pixel pitch in conference rooms are increasingly prevalent.


Fine-pitch LED video walls are LED displays with dot pitches of P2.5 or less. The usual specifications for point spacing are P2.5, P2.0, P1.9, P1.8, and P1.6, P1,5, P1,2, P1, 0, etc.


Fine-pitch LED video walls with lower dot pitches offer greater density, allowing for more information per unit of the area while simultaneously elevating the significance of viewing distance information.


The sight distance becomes closer as the requirement decreases. In contrast, the lower the pixel density and the bigger the dot pitch, the less information can be shown per unit area simultaneously.


As the needs arise, the viewing distance should be extended. We can carefully consider factors such as the conference room's size, the wall's surface area, and the viewing distance to select the appropriate point spacing of the fine-pitch LED video walls, allowing for the vivid presentation of more colorful content and the facilitation of more fluid conference communication. This may considerably boost the meeting's efficiency.


Due to the enhancement of the resolution of the fine-pitch LED video walls, the information is shown with more clarity, the screen's color is more uniform, and the image quality is more delicate and natural. The fine-pitch LED video walls provide high refresh, high grayscale, high brightness utilization, no afterimage, low power consumption, lightweight, ultra-thin, high accuracy, quietness, and excellent heat dissipation.


The size of the fine-pitch LED video walls is unrestricted and may be combined into a humongous display. The non-dimensional display effect provides a greater sensation of substitution, resulting in a more immersive visual experience, and the spliced small-pitch 1ed display screen has no seams.


We focus on providing customers with reasonably priced, trustworthy, and secure fine-pitch LED video walls, display technology products, and services. Priorities for LP Display have always been client-focused innovation, increased R&D expenditure, compounding development, and industry growth. You may contact LP Display directly if your organization needs fine-pitch LED video walls.

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