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Fine Pitch LED Display: New Technology and Potential Applications

LED screens have become more prevalent in indoor UHD settings thanks to the development of small-pitch display technology. Many fine pitch LED display devices have been introduced to the local large-screen display industry since 2015, and the competition in this space has only increased. The benefits of the fine-pitch LED display beg the question, "Where is it most popular?"


Thanks to their seamless seams, excellent color performance, and low energy consumption, small-pitch LED displays are well-suited for security monitoring and other high-end indoor applications that necessitate a high standard of image quality, such as radio and television studios and weather information centers. The screen may be installed in various ways, is small, takes up little room, and produces a lot of light.


Second, the small-pitch LED display used for exhibition displays is extensively utilized in public information because of its low power consumption, quick installation and maintenance, ultra-thin body, and broad viewing angle. Small-pitch LED displays are a viable alternative to big and medium-sized commercial displays in the business world when public information presentation is necessary. Its major benefit is that it can continuously start and operate for extended periods, uses little power, and has a long lifespan. Therefore, high-demand conditions need special consideration.


Third, in business and economics, small-pitch LED displays may accommodate the demands of settings as diverse as boardrooms, CEO offices, network video conferences, and classrooms. With its extensive electronic whiteboard supporting features, it can also accommodate the presentation of data in a wide range of educational settings.


Fourth, the radio and television studio's use of video as a background: the anchor background video wall is the most common, and the technical indicators such as color temperature, brightness, grayscale, viewing angle, contrast, refresh rate, and other technical indicators of the display panel are quite strict in the studio. Rear projection and LCD splicing were commonplace implementation options before the advent of LED high-definition screens. Technically and functionally, it is challenging for conventional LED electronic displays to match the requirements of such locations. In addition, introducing small-pitch goods directly challenges the studio's preconceptions about LEDs.




Because there is no seam and the unit size is tiny, the small-pitch screen is well-suited for the inner arc digital dance design used in many technical indicators. However, due to its superiority over competing panels, high-definition LED advertising displays will find widespread use in small-pitch LED display applications.


Support for TOP COB allows the Yoga series of LP Displays to be anti-collision, waterproof, dustproof, screen-protecting, and operational even in corrosive, humid, and foggy conditions. P1.25 is the lowest pixel pitch currently available in the world of flexible displays. Please get in touch if you're interested in using our fine-mesh screen.

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