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COB LED Displays Have Become More Popular In Recent Years

LED screens are extremely widespread today. In today's world, light-emitting diodes, sometimes known as LEDs, may be found everywhere, from the street lights outside your house to the LED displays outside major shopping centers. Alterations take place in both of these aspects as time passes. However, the market does not prioritize conventional LEDs as their first choice among the several solutions that are now available. Instead, the conventional form is gradually losing some of its allure as newer, more sophisticated LEDs are introduced onto the market. These cutting-edge technologies include, for instance, COB LED displays, which are only one example.


A display that is constructed using COB LEDs


The term "chip on board," or COB for short, refers to a new method of chip packing traditional methods. Every chip is packed and physically integrated into a printed circuit board (PCB). A technique called packaging is used to combine three RGB LED chips into an SMD electrical package to create a chip diode. This technique is necessary for constructing a chip diode creating a chip diode.


The LED lights and integrated circuit cabling that comprise a COB display are attached to a printed circuit board to produce the display that is known as a COB. This display is also known as a chip-on-board (COB) display. Thanks to COB technology's development, it is now feasible to manufacture LED panels that are both more expansive and have a finer pitch. PTC Led is the only firm that offers one-of-a-kind 4K COB LED displays with relatively modest pitch sizes, such as P0.5, P0.6, P0.7, P0.8, P0.9, and P1.2 and P1.5. These display sizes are exclusively available from PTC Led. These presentations are of the highest attainable standard of excellence.


The COB LED display manufactured by LP Display is the ideal LED wall for use in conference rooms, TV studios, exposition centers, theaters, and other similar venues due to its high resolution, smooth connection, shock resistance, excellent heat dissipation, and wide viewing angle. These characteristics make it the ideal LED wall for use in these types of venues. We can say that our goods will continue to perform without issue for more than 5 years because of the amazing PCB design and high-quality LED components that we utilize.

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