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What Is COB LED Display & How Does It Work?

Before COB LED displays can be made, a certain length of time must pass. As stated in the contract, however, no predetermined cost is associated with the time necessary to create and install the enterprise application ad unit. The structure may be done in less than two weeks if there are no complications and the conditions are good.


The implementation process might take one month, three months, or even more time than that. In most cases, billboards should be built at least one month before a marketing campaign before the campaign even begins. Make sure you have enough time to reduce the risk to yourself and avoid having it interfere with the activities you have planned outdoors.


What are the benefits that COB LED displays have to offer?


1. raise the profile of the brand


Because COB LED displays are so common in metropolitan areas, the aesthetic standards that must be met for these displays are quite stringent. For example, stunning billboards have a way of drawing the viewer's attention and prompting them to form an effortful association with the brand, which makes it easy for them to identify the product as being the one that is being advertised.


2. provide some new and wholesome products


Advertising that utilizes a panoramic view almost often occurs in regions with a large population density. Such advertising is also viewed more frequently and reaches a sizeable audience. Therefore, advertisements promoting new products are a good fit for being shown on billboards.


3. Acquire a larger number of customers and increase the number of conversions


Because of its COB LED display and relatively large proportions, a spectacular billboard will be able to attract the attention of all passersby. From that point of view, it is easy to excite customers and convince them to purchase more items from the businesses featured on Pano.


4. COB LED displays combine many additional tools within their design.


It is not difficult to incorporate outdoor billboards with other media and technological advancements. For example, it is possible to post adverts concurrently in various outdoor forms, such as those shown on buses and taxis. Particularly, it is not difficult for advertisements to appear in videos and photographs of many people, which are then uploaded to internet-sharing platforms.




Using LED displays to adorn public sections of an event would be a fantastic idea, regardless of whether you choose to purchase or rent the displays. The LED display, an efficient and modern source of mass information that is very relevant to locals, can play a variety of information, including the weather, exchange rates, and breaking news, among other things. Full flip-chip, common cathode COB, all-pixel LED panel manufactured by LP Display and sourced from their Black Spirit range. Because there is just one platform, updates are both faster and simpler. Are you ecstatic? Then it would be best if you contact us as soon as possible.

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