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Spotlight | LP DISPLAY appeared at the ISR exhibition in Russia

Spotlight | LP DISPLAY appeared at the ISR exhibition in Russia


On October 13~October 16, 2022, the 2022 Moscow Audiovisual Equipment and Information System Integration Technology Exhibition (ISR) was held at the All-Russian Convention and Exhibition Center in Moscow, Russia. LP DISPLAY overcame the impact of the epidemic and brought a number of classic products such as the "Red Dot Award" winning product - Elves Series (Elves Series) to the ISR exhibition under the premise of ensuring the safety of employees, attracting the attention of many visitors.


The "Moscow Audiovisual Equipment and Information System Integration Technology Exhibition", or ISR, is the largest professional audiovisual display equipment trade fair in Russia. Each ISR event attracts professional visitors from all over the world, including dealers, distributors, manufacturers, industry media and other industry insiders in the audiovisual field. The organizer of the event is MIDEXPO Exhibition Company, with an exhibition area of 28,000 square meters, 29,000 visitors, and 450 exhibitors and brands.


As the leader of flip chip display panels, LP DISPLAY Technology Co., Ltd. actively participates in major exhibitions at home and abroad, which means to show customers a variety of LED display products. Products can be widely used in control rooms, TV stations, commercial display and other mainstream applications.


The Elves Series, as the "STAR" of LP DISPLAY, has super-first-class display capabilities. The Elves series adopts flip chip COB technology, which is comparable to Samsung The Wall and Sony Crystal LED. The thickness of the whole screen is 28mm, and the ultra-thin design is close to the ultra-thin design level of LCD TV. Unlimited splicing combination without optical seams brings you a shocking visual experience. It also won the Red Dot Creative Design Award 2022.


Also present at the exhibition is the Yoga series - a creative small-pitch display. The soft characteristics can make it installed on the box body of any angle, inner arc and outer arc, showing the special beauty of streamlining, and supporting TOP-COB technology, which can have a good protective effect; This product has a wide range of pixel pitch coverage, P1.25/P1.667/P1.875/P2.5/P3/P4, you can choose!


Let's walk into the ISR venue of LP DISPLAY, find out and appreciate the beauty of the "vision" world!




LP DISPLAY has always adhered to the core values of "quality, character and taste", and strives to provide high-quality big data visual information solutions for customers all over the world. Although the epidemic has temporarily slowed down our pace, we have always been on the way to expand overseas markets, step by step, steadily, and deeply cultivate and expand the beauty of the "vision" world!

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