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3D animation transparent screen advertisements

Audiences have limited memory, so their attention becomes a scarce resource. For example, the emerging 3D animation transparent screen advertisements on the streets of Japan exploded overnight. Combining the characteristics of 3D and transparent LED screens, it attracted users' attention through the presentation of visual effects and formed secondary communication, a way to make the brand stand out.

Moreover, excellent 3D commercials in many cities in China have also attracted a lot of attention. Such as the Chongqing Guanyin Bridge "light rail through the building," Wangfujing "Rite of Spring," Xi'an Aerospace Industry Constellation Plaza "Spaceship," Chengdu Taikoo Li cool spaceship, etc.

All mentioned above further reflects that only focus on technology in the fierce market competition with innovative and creative applications, can operators take the lead in future competition, which is what LPDISPLAY has always insisted on.

Have a quick review of the creative works.

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