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What鈥檚 Flip-chip?

On Jun 28, 2019, LP Display launched the first Flip-chip SMD1010 LED in the industry.

On Aug 28, 2019, LP Display launched the first module with Flip-chip packaging technology. That鈥檚 the first time in LED industry when Flip-chip SMD was adopted to fine pixel pitch screens.


(First Flip-chip SMD1010 by LP DISPLAY)



(First module with Flip-chip SMD1010)


1. Definition of Flip-chip

The name 鈥淔lip-chip鈥 describes the method used to connect a semiconductor die to a substrate, which contrasts with conventional wire-bonding and ball-grid-array packaging.


(Conventionally-structured chip VS. Flip-chip)

In a Flip-chip package the dies are bumped and then 鈥渇lipped鈥 onto a substrate, hence the name 鈥淔lip-chip鈥, while conventional chip is composed of P -GaN, an active layer, N-GaN and Sapphire substrate from top to bottom.


2. Advantages of Flip-chip Packaging

First of all, it enables much smaller chip and thus micro-led display thanks to the assembly method compared to previous wirebond solutions. Second, as the chip is directly connected to the circuitry board and the wires are shorter, creating less inductance and allowing devices to pass signals at significantly higher speeds while dissipating heat more efficiently. Third, it saves more energy and expands its lifetime with great heat dissipation. Last but not least, it shows largely improved stability under high brightness.

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