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Black Elves Can Be Your First Choice

In micro-led aera, our "Elves Series" was born on demand, which adopts flip-chip, COB and common cathode technologies. The series also won #TheRedDotAward of 2022, one of the world鈥檚 three largest design awards.


Ultra-high ink color consistency. When the screen is off, the entire screen can also show a consistent black.

Ultra-thin. The thickness of the whole screen is 28mm, outstanding in the industry.

1000000:1 Ultra-high contrast ratio, which excels most of other #LEDScreens and enables really stunning visual displays.

#Advanced flip-chip COB common cathode technologies, which largely reduces energy consumptione.

IP65 protection, it has a high degree of stability and reliability, anti-collision, waterproof, dustproof.


This can be your first choice if you really wanna high-quality products with advanced technologies to achieve best visual effects. Contact us if you wanna know more about it!


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