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What LED Display Of A Superior Quality Can Bring To Us?

What LEDdisplay of a superior quality can bring to us?

Not only can it provide gorgeous visual feast for Concerts or Shows, which enrich our ordinary lives, but also bring a high quality corporate events.

Our serie of product, ARK, won #TheRedDotAward of 2021, can be used for both the #Rental and #fixed applications. The size of panel including 500*500mm and 500*1000mm, we can provide suitable size and solutions to customers according to the clients situations. By its standard sizes, we can assemble and dismantle a large screen quickly in a short period of time, at the same time, whether in the installation or dismentlement, the high-quality of our products can be achieved without dead lights.

#LP DISPLAY is dedicated to providing you with the best #digital signage network. If you are ready to install a large screen for the Rental or Staging applications, ARK is literally your choice.


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