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LPDISPLAY S-Poster Is An Ultra-thin And Ultra-portable LED Display For Advertising

When you walk into a shopping mall, what you see is not only a wide range of goods, but also colorful and creative advertisements. Advertising plays an important role in conveying product ideas and attracting customers. #LPDISPLAY S-Poster was born for it.


LPDISPLAY S-Poster is an ultra-thin and ultra-portable LED display for advertising, which can be used without cables. You can simply use an app to change the content of the #poster.


S-Poster is capable of displaying high-definition, colorful, and vivid pictures and videos. Whats more, multiple S-Posters can be seamlessly spliced together to show more spectacular scene.


If you want to have a ready-to-use and removable LED display for advertising, S-Poster is definitely your choice.


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