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LED Screen With Flip-Chip Energy-Saving Common Cathode Technology Has Also Emerged

The towering mountains, the unfathomable sea, and the clear zooming in sight of amazing and dynamic dance poses on stage.....
You may find that the big screens in large-scale performances are ultra-high-definition, non-reflective, giving you a sense of Immersive involvement. That is also why the market gradually enhanced LEDs' performance and visual experience. The LED Screen with flip-chip energy-saving common cathode technology has also emerged. 鉁旓笍鉁旓笍
Take #LPDISPLAY Black Elves Series LED Screen as an example. This screen uses a matte panel with high consistency of ink color and no reflection. So it can be used in various indoor scenes without restrictions on lighting. High refresh rate up to 3840Hz to maintain a high-quality display screen. Even with a professional camera, there is no water wave or screen flash, which fully meets the various high requirements of live performances! If your business needs to add up values for shows and activities,  more #LPDISPLAY solutions  are waiting for your picking up!鉁旓笍鉁旓笍

鍙兘鏄寘鍚笅鍒楀唴瀹圭殑鍥剧墖锛氫笂闈㈢殑鏂囧瓧鏄淐ALDISPLAY Low gray Comparison Before 24Bit full-cycle jitter grayscale technology After Blurred color display Before using LPDISPLAY patented technology Super low gray Black Elves Series LED Display Screen鈥

鍙兘鏄寘鍚笅鍒楀唴瀹圭殑鑹烘湳鍝侊細涓婇潰鐨勬枃瀛楁槸鈥淧DISPLAY Contrast Ratio Comparison Before Support all levels of colors Easily display vivid and rich colors After (Left:500,000: 1) (Left: Before using LPDISPLAY (Right: 1,000,000:1) Black Elves Series LED Display Screen鈥

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