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LPDISPLAY Magic Cube Pro Series LED Screen Has Been Applied In Many Airports

5 reasons why #LPDISPLAY Magic Cube Pro Series LED Screen has been applied in many airports:
鉁旓笍Common cathode & anode driving technology optional
鉁旓笍HDR 10 bit optional, high grayscale & high refresh rate
鉁旓笍Has mini cabinet 300x337.5, possible to do corner, curve installations
鉁旓笍PH0.7~PH2.5 pixel pitch is fully covered, meeting the product positioning requirements of different levels on different occasion
鉁旓笍Universal panel with an integrated board of HUB, receiving card, power supply, easy for inventory management
The airport's LED Screen is not only a physical sign to guide the route but also a tool to improve the passenger experience. There're always many passengers not using mobile phones, so it's not a bad way to soothe the passengers by offering something pleasing on LED Screen in need, such as displaying natural withering of maple leaves. Meanwhile, a LED Screen with excellent performance like this series can also bring potential advertising opportunities to your airport, thereby creating additional revenue for your airport!
More solutions to add value to your airport:

鍙兘鏄寘鍚笅鍒楀唴瀹圭殑鍥剧墖锛氫笂闈㈢殑鏂囧瓧鏄淒ISPLAY Magic Cube Pro Series LED Screen HDR 10 bit optional High grayscale High refresh rate鈥

鍙兘鏄寘鍚笅鍒楀唴瀹圭殑鍥剧墖锛氫笂闈㈢殑鏂囧瓧鏄淢agic Cube Pro Series LED Screen Characteristics Supports .Compatible with common cathode and common anode design tomee multi- level product positioning needs shaped splicing such as curved and right- angle screens, which fits the installation design of artistic architectural screens; 16:9 cabinet design, presenting the best viewi PH0.7~PH2.5 pixel pitch fully covered, meeting the product positioning ratio requirements of levels different occasions.鈥

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