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LP DISPILAY: LED Micro Display Technology Is Developing Rapidly, But There Is Still A Long Way To Go

When the point pitch of LED display down to P1.0 below, the traditional technology process has been unable to meet its requirements, in order to achieve a fine pixel pitch breakthrough, in recent years, LED display application industry representative packaging and display enterprises continue to develop new technology solutions, such as COB, "four in one" packaging technology, etc., and even appeared  a lot of news about Micro LED technology.Therefore, in order to better understand the development and application of micro-display technology in the process of some problems, "LED Screen World" reporter interviewed Mr. Dai Zhiming, the chairman of Shenzhen LP DISPLAY Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "LP DISPLAY").


LP DISPLAY has been deeply involved in the field of LED display fine pixel pitch for many years, and Mr. Dai has unique insights into the technology and application of fine pixel pitch products. 

In the past two years, LED fine pixel pitch packaging technology has been developing rapidly, and gradually towards the development of micro-pitch below P1.0mm, many companies have launched micro-pitch series products. LED micro-pitch products in the development of a variety of technologies, but which technology and solutions will go farther? And which product is the most popular?

On these questions, Mr Dai concluded: "From the application market, the current is a period of blossoming, a hundred schools of thought, whether it is 'four in one', or COB, or other technologies, all have their existence value, can not be generalized, but from the future development direction, will show a trend of differentiation.

For example, the COB technology now has the formal and flip, and from the product stability and energy-saving aspects, LED micro-display industry will develop in the direction of flip COB; however, 'four in one' Mini LED is the preferred choice for the current P1.0mm left and right spacing LED display, 'Four-in-one', N-in-1 and other lamp bead type products can be a good solution to a series of problems such as batching, high yield, anti-knock. But the future must be the world of COB". COB display applications in the past two years, gradually get market recognition, the market share is also gradually increasing, Mr Dai said: Flip COB LED display will also be the future of the main products of the LP DISPLAY.

Mr Dai added: "Our current products above P0.5mm can meet the needs of many display applications market, if we continue to develop to a finer pixel pitch, the ultimate direction is Micro LED. However, we still need to solve some problems in terms of mass production and yield, and some core technologies have not yet been broken.

For example, the huge transfer program, the current chip cutting is not a problem, but how to achieve the transfer is a heavy difficulty. In addition, our domestic research of Micro LED technology and Japan and other countries are not the same, such as the form of furnace or laser form, the substrate is glass or traditional PCB, etc."

Micro Display Products Should pursue Excellence and "Craftsmanship Spirit"

The development of the industry is not only reflected in the technology, but also in the environmental atmosphere, because the environmental atmosphere of an industry, can drive the development of the whole industry, Mr Dai said bluntly: "The development of our industry is currently a little off, and even took some detours."    


Among them, on the spacing of the LED display, Mr Dai asked rhetorically, "P1.2 has been done?" As we all know, P1.2 display products were launched around 2017, and still maintain the mainstream position in the market, because a product from birth to maturity often takes 3 to 5 years, but this time period, many companies in the industry have launched products below P1.0, which on the one hand proves that our display and packaging technology is developing rapidly and leading the world, but this also highlights our eagerness for quick success, the concept priority mentality.

Mr Dai believes that although it is necessary to pursue the limit of spacing, the process is too urgent. There is a phenomenon is happening in the LED micro-display industry, is the point spacing determines everything, and then we have been to the finer pixel pitch breakthrough, but from the practical application of P0.7 and P0.6 is same, there is no difference,  and the market for these products is limited, completely unable to bring strong economic benefits. Therefore, for the limit of the spacing, we should think more about how to turn the product into excellence.

Therefor, Mr Dai cited an image analogy,  the fine pixel pitch is compared to building, building to a certain height, will inevitably encounter the "ceiling" effect. Developers should plan the height of the building before building it, and then think more about its beauty and indoor comfort, and also build it more sturdy, rather than just build it higher.

That's what our business needs. Some multinational enterprises can make the display screen effect of P1.2 spacing like ours P0.6. In this case, what is the significance of our excessive pursuit of point spacing? At present, our industry should be more calm down, step by step to improve the display effect of LED to another level, which is more conducive to the development and popularization of micro display LED industry."

Mr Dai's views are very beneficial, not least in exposing the industry's inherent pompousness, which has alarmed some companies to a certain extent. At the same time, Mr. Dai also hopes that the industry can maintain a good culture, better footing, find their own positioning, and revitalize the LED industry.

LP DISPLAY was founded in 2012. In 2017, it obtained the strategic investment of Ningbo GQY Video Stock Co.,Ltd., and completed the A round of financing, laying the economic foundation for becoming bigger and stronger. At present, LP DISPLAY is located in the high-tech product park of Shenzhen Guangming New District,  which is a company focusing on LED fine pixel pitch products. The company has a central research institute and two manufacturing bases (Huangjiang, Dongguan and Zhuzhou, Hunan), and its business has spread to more than 120 countries and regions around the world, and its spirit of "quality, character and taste" has been highly praised by the industry.

It is understood that LP DISPLAY is one of the few enterprises in the LED display industry that focus only on LED fine pixel pitch products, and the performance growth is rapid, ranking in the forefront of the LED small pitch industry for many years. In 2019 took the lead in launching the world's first flip 1010 separate device display panel; and released the world's first "0.55 "mm Mini 4-in-1 display panel and "0.75" mm Micro LED display panel, and won the national patent.


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