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LP became one of 22 LED display companies participating in 5G+8K government projects

LP DISPLAY Became One Of 22 LED Display Companies...


  The 2021 world conference on display industry was held on 18th June 2021. List of the first batch of access candidates of 鈥榯housands of 

  public display screen in hundreds of cities release ceremony announced that LPDISPLAY is one of the 22 led display outstanding companies 

  participate in the project.

  The event aims to implement the "Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)", accelerate the maturity and application 

  of ultra HD video technology, and at the same time, to meet the needs of the Winter Olympics broadcast, relying on the Central Radio and 

  Television General Station to build 8K official channels , Organize the establishment of 8K large screens in public places in various places to 

  display high-quality 8K content, and promote the coordinated development of all links in the ultra-high-definition video industry chain.

  LP DISPLAY has very mature technology applications in the field of 5G+8K and xR virtual production, especially in the 5G+ high-definition 

  digital film and television industry, and has laid out a more high-definition image display technology field in the future.


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