Demand Analysis

The LED large-screen digital splicing wall has been widely used in studios and large variety show recording scenes, and has become a bridge between artistic performance props and interactive programs. The LED large-screen digital splicing wall technology is also constantly being developed and improved. With the accelerating popularization of digital signals and the approaching of the era of high-definition digital signals, LED display systems with large-screen display characteristics have gradually become the mainstream monitoring equipment in the studios of TV stations. Replacing traditional DLP monitors with LED large-screen display systems has become a future development trend.

Industry Application

A single screen displays multiple video signals and computer signals. For example, in a scheduled live broadcast program, the recorded signal can be displayed on a large screen, and the screen can be switched at any time as needed for the live audience to watch. Through the splicing control processing module, multi-screen display of multi-channel video signals and computer signals, can roam across screens, arbitrarily zoom in, zoom out, drag, overlay and cover. For example, in the production of news programs, the entry workstation, subtitle processor system, dubbing, manuscript editing, and broadcast screen insertion operations can be performed. The video signal is displayed in full screen, which can be used for live broadcast programs in the studio. The large screen enables the live audience to clearly see the impromptu performance in the program, and can also be used as the stage background of the program.