Demand Analysis

The indoor high-definition LED large-screen display system is mainly an image project, and whether the user builds it is closely linked to economic development. Through the large-screen display system, more information can be displayed on the large screen at the same time. Leaders and decision-makers can consult together through the displayed content and make relevant processing decisions in time. In today's bank informatization construction, the large-screen display system is the core of the entire system engineering, shoulders an important mission, and plays an increasingly important role in the informatization construction.

Industry Application

The indoor high-definition LED small-pitch splicing large screen is an image project to show the information construction of the banking system. It has the characteristics of high stability, extreme color, and humanized intelligent application. Its seamless splicing, high brightness, brilliant colors, diverse display methods, and achievable Large area splicing and arc splicing and front maintenance design, etc., support 7×24×365 uninterrupted work, which greatly enhances the image of the bank's information construction. With the rapid economic development and the intensifying competition in the banking industry, banking service outlets are increasing at an unprecedented rate, covering every corner of the city. Therefore, a centralized networking platform was established to integrate all monitoring points and release large-screen information. The system is applied to business hall outlets, and the realization of information sharing and self-brand promotion has become the primary task of the banking system to improve its competitiveness.