Demand Analysis

In the face of military operations and sudden major incidents and natural disasters, the military, armed police, public security, and rescue and disaster relief departments need to conduct information exchange and emergency command in a timely and rapid manner. They need to understand the situation of the rescue site as soon as possible, and then timely and scientifically Make strategic decisions, quickly mobilize human and material resources, and launch rescue operations in the fastest time to minimize losses. In the process of combat command and the discovery and rescue of major natural disasters, the communication system is the human nerve, and as the display terminal of the information system, the indoor high-definition LED pitch splicing large screen is the center of the entire nervous system. It can timely, All kinds of emergency information, image data, strategic location maps and on-site conditions are real and real-time enlarged and displayed in all directions and quickly. Let the leaders know at a glance, greatly improving the ability and efficiency of emergency rescue.

Industry Application

The indoor high-definition LED small-pitch splicing display system is the first choice for terminal products such as military operations, exercises and training, major police activities of public security departments, and emergency rescue departments. It provides decision makers with real-time and reliable image display, which is true and intuitive so that decision makers appear to be on the scene, and truly improve the rapid response, unified command, and cooperative combat capabilities of the troops and public security departments. In response to the high standards and strict requirements of the army, the indoor high-definition LED large-screen display system has given full play to its advantages of high stability, extreme graphics, and human intelligence. The integration of CCTV system, data collection, network signal and other systems has formed an "electronic sand table" that can command and dispatch, providing a timely and accurate information image display platform for commanders to make important decisions. The high efficiency, high stability and human intelligence of the indoor high-definition LED small-pitch display system escort the safety and stability of command and dispatch.