Demand Analysis

The urban emergency command center is an important place to deal with emergencies, which can analyze and deal with emergencies to make the final decision. The urban emergency command center must be a rapid reflection platform that integrates modern network technology, communication technology, computer technology and multimedia technology. It uses a data analysis system and an information display system as a means to control the Politics and Law Commission Command Center and the Urban Management Bureau 110(China). The command center, the emergency command center of the Earthquake Administration, the Work Safety Supervision Bureau, the emergency rescue of hazardous chemicals, and the centralized integration of information such as 119(China),112(China), can provide various communications and information for the command leader and the business personnel and experts involved in the command in the face of emergencies. Information services can mobilize various resources in a timely and effective manner, so as to use the most effective control means and the smallest resource input to control losses within a minimum range, so as to better play the role of emergency command. A series of systems with different styles, principles, and routes, such as monitoring, network, communication, command, and meeting set up by the urban emergency command center, need to be clearly displayed on the big screen.

Industry Application

The large screen system based on the large screen controller and other systems form an organic combination. Under the circumstances of large amount of information, high data flow and multi-channel public security and traffic police business requirements, through the integration of various systems including CCTV monitoring, signal light control, data acquisition and other systems, an "electronic sand table" that can conduct combat command and dispatch is formed.  It provides a rich, accurate and efficient information image display platform for leaders and commands, which can flexibly and conveniently provide bureau leaders with a comprehensive information display platform close to actual combat needs. It can perform real-time monitoring, analysis and intelligent management of various signals, network resources and related information, and can promptly put forward plans, plans and decision-making opinions. Ensure that the decisions and orders of the command system can be reliably and quickly communicated and feedback to ensure that the entire command system is linked, efficient, and complete.