Demand Analysis

With the in-depth development of the mobile Internet, under the background of the era of big data information, traditional education and conference models are becoming increasingly flat. Mobile office, remote meetings, visual teaching, online classrooms, etc. will become important development trends. Create the compatibility of the communication platform, integrate the efficiency of shared resources and use the multi-functional intelligent visual display all-in-one machine to enhance the educational experience and meeting interaction. The huge market demand for LED smart touch all-in-one devices will eventually subvert the traditional inherent model. The LED all-in-one device integrates computers, projectors, electronic whiteboards, and TVs into one, which can realize the interactive experience of the conference system, high-definition display, touch writing , Wireless same screen, remote meeting, annotation teaching, video classroom, etc. It solves various inefficiencies, inconveniences and waste of resources in meetings and teaching for many years. Regardless of all walks of life, the acceptance of LED smart display panels has been very wide, which will stimulate the continuous demand of the global market.

Industry Application

The market for LED smart touch all-in-one computers has always been a very important "high-end product" market in the display field. At present, LED all-in-ones have been gradually applied in large and medium-sized enterprises, training institutions, classroom lecture halls, and higher education and research institutes. At the same time, it is equipped with smart terminal equipment to achieve a high degree of integration of software and hardware, high sensitivity, strong impact resistance, good weather resistance, strong stability, strong noise resistance, and high security, whether it is interactive display for meetings or interactive display for teaching, All exhibited an unprecedented new experience. From the initial complicated device connection, low luminous rate, high consumables, information loss, etc., to the current touch integration, smart storage, LED self-illumination, and multi-function collection, it greatly shortens the meeting and The preparation time for teaching is more adapted to the new development trend of efficient office and teaching in the future.