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  Little throw back of professional audio-visual and integrated experience solutions trade show in the Asia-Pacific region-InfoComm China 

  2021 held at the Beijing National Convention Center. The strongest representatives of the three major fields of LP DISPLAY, VERSATILE, 

  and COLORLIGHT jointly join forces to provide customers with the scene, presented a complete xR virtual shooting overall solution.

  xR is a new type of VR, AR and MR combined shooting. This time, we will present a complete xR virtual shooting solution to the audience. 

  This time the xR stage is built using a special shooting version for the Black Diamond series. While ensuring the best display effect, it can 

  also bear a load of 400kg/m², and the screen assembly can be completed in a short time with only four people. The surreal display screen 

  on the scene, with the movement of the camera lens and real-time rendering by the server, plus the AR robot that dance with the rhythm 

  of the music, people can be placed in the virtual and real scene at any time without being restricted by time and space to interact with the 

  AR robot in real time. The exhibition site attracted many industry professionals to come to exchange and take pictures.